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Want to get involved?  Sign up for one of our committees by volunteering your time and talent, and sharing your ideas to make our organization a success.  



EDUCATION PROGRAMS:  Chair:  Courtney Parrisher


COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS:  Chair:  Mysi Fortenbery

                                              Vice Chair:  Wilson County -

                                                                   Nash County:  Kim Weaver

                                                                   Edgecombe County:  Courtney Parrisher

(building partnerships with area businesses and the community)


SERVICE PROGRAMS:  Chair:  Daniel Weaver 

                                Vice Chair:  Jennifer Strollo

(docHop, handUp, fortifyingFaith)


MARKETING: Chair:  Mysi Fortenbery / Courtney Parrisher

(Website, Social Media, Literature)


FUNDRAISING:  Chairs:  Mysi Fortenbery / Sherry Thompson

(Fundraisers, Donor Program, Corporate Sponsorships)


ADVERTISING:  Chair:  Susan Binger


FINANCE:  Chair:  Sherry Thompson

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:


By signing up for one of our committees

Make a tax deductible donation‏.

By Mail

Anchored in Grace Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 74

Nashville, NC. 27856

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